The Un-blogger, Un-Network.

We are the nation's largest single publishing
platform answering the question "Mommy, what are we going to do today?" for more than 3,000,000 families in 5,000+ communities. 
We aren't bloggers. 
We aren't a blogging network. 
And that can be very, very good for your client.

A Proprietary Platform

We built it, we control it. That means if something goes amiss, we have the power to fix it. Ourselves. Sitewide.

No Programmatic Ads

We place every national ad on every local Macaroni Kid site. That means your message will never be beside a competitor’s -- ‘cause we don’t do that.


84% of our readers live within 10 miles of the local Macaroni Kid edition they read. So when we say we can geo-target, we mean it.

54% of Macaroni Kid Readers seldom read “mom blogs” enabling you to reach a broader audience than any “mom blog network” can.

Usable Content = Unique Readers