Not All Moms Are Created Equal

For the sake of your brand, not all moms are created equal.

All moms have a very fundamental thing in common: kids.

But for your sampling to moms tactics, not all moms are created equal. There's city moms, rural moms, northern moms and southern moms. Moms of toddlers, moms of teens, moms of tweens and empty nesters all have different priorities and different needs.

Marketers are increasingly savvy in segmenting their messages in the digital space with new tools being introduced almost daily. Want to direct your digital message to moms who wear a size 8 shoe, watch This is Us and have a two-year-old? You got it.

That same attention to audience needs to be deployed in your experiential and sampling programs. Carefully geo-target your best possible consumer. Reach moms of toddlers at the playground or at organized, branded playdates. Invite moms of teens to connect over coffee to share tactics for managing the eye roll. Support single moms and address their unique challenges. It is not enough to merely put 10,000 samples into the hands of “moms” you need to put 10,000 samples into the hands of the right moms.