3 Reasons Experiential Marketing Works with Moms

Why should you consider a live, interactive marketing experience? Quite simply, because it works. Experiential marketing generates more response than other approach and has a long-term ROI that's larger than other traditional advertising channels. Why? Consider this:

It's authentic. Experiential marketing brings a brand to life, creating a dialogue with the consumer and a uniquely personal experience. It's a voluntary interaction in a positive setting that is consumer controlled -- and therefore, stands out among all the ads bombarding moms each day.

It's appealing. Moms don't like to be "sold" to. They're skeptical of traditional advertising methods and resent people trying to "sell" to them. But give them a sample, or invite them to participate in a unique experience? That will generate a positive, appealing brand experience that they'll remember when they're ready to purchase.

It's shareable. Moms love sharing their day on social media, and experiential marketing is a perfect fit for these modern marketing tools. Provide a fun, exciting or unique brand experience and moms will share it far and wide, expanding your reach and stretching your marketing dollars. 

Whether you’re looking to reach 100, 1,000 or 1,000,000 moms, an experiential marketing campaign will build authentic, appealing brand connections and deliver shareable content.