The Importance of Authentic Influencers in Sampling

If you want to connect with moms through sampling, any old street-team won’t do. Moms are smart and intuitive and can sniff out inauthenticity from a mile away.

Here are four reasons that mom-to-mom influencers are the best bet for your next sampling program.

  1. Moms can tell when it’s genuine. When a mom is face to face with another mom talking about a product she loves, it isn’t scripted or forced. Instead, it’s a natural conversation with a peer that translates into a strong brand connection.

  2. Moms feel connected to other moms. A man sampling a mom-driven product just doesn’t have the same impact that another mom would. There’s no shared mommyhood experiences, and that can translate to a missed connection -- and a missed opportunity for a sale.

  3. Mom-to-mom connections generate brand trust. When a mom tells another mom that this is a product she should try, that experience creates a level of trust and brand connection that she’ll remember next time she’s at the store.

  4. Moms know where to find other moms. The playgrounds, the daycares, the stores that moms frequent. If you want your samples to land in the hands of moms, use moms to find them.

Bottom line: If you want to drive ROI among moms with sampling, you need a natural connection. Authentic conversations = conversions.