Try Before You Buy: The Benefits of Mom-to-Mom Sampling

When it comes to purchasing decisions, moms want to touch, feel and sample the products they bring into their homes. They want to be 100% certain of their purchase before they introduce it to their kids. In a competitive marketplace, sampling remains one of the most effective forms of marketing, with benefits that include:

Driving sales:  Industry experts agree, sampling drives sales. In fact, 79% of our readers say they are likely to purchase a product they sampled via a Macaroni Kid influencer or event*, proving peer-to-peer sampling is a powerful tool.

Raising awareness: If you want to make more moms aware of your product, give them a sample. Sampling creates a connection with your product, and it's one that the moms will remember when faced with a wall of choices in an oversaturated market.

Testing the market: Want to make sure that moms and their families actually like your product? With sampling, you'll receive instant, honest feedback on everything from taste to packaging. 

Driving social: With the right sampling team on the ground, the right message and the right tools, sampling provides an efficient and fun way to drive your social media community and engagement.

Capturing testimonials: Sampling is also a constructive method for capturing testimonials that can be used in future marketing campaigns.

Improving brand loyalty: In addition to driving sales for the sampled products, these programs have additional benefits for the brand as a whole. Sampling creates an emotional connection between a mom and your brand, and 77% of consumers say that receiving a product sample would motivate them to try another product from that brand

* Based on a 2018 survey of 2,200+ Macaroni Kid readers.