Meet Our Influencers.

Each Macaroni Kid edition is managed by a local queen bee, a mom who knows everything and everyone in her community. It is these authentic, engaged, influential moms who deliver your brand message to other moms.

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Meet Ashley Morse,
Environmental Attorney
turned Publisher Mom

Ashley has been a Publisher Mom for more than 7 years and is an instrumental resource in her community, reaching thousands of local parents each week. She’s also executed many successful local and national campaigns for a diverse set of clients.

Ashley publishes in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Visit her community here.

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Meet Harlisha Homer,
Early Childhood Administrator turned Publisher Mom

A Macaroni Kid Publisher since 2010, Harlisha’s welcoming personality and approachable disposition make her a strong, authentic influencer among parents in the Houston area. Her local website is the go-to resource for families in the community.

Harlisha publishes in Houston, TX.
Visit her community here.


Meet Debby Perry,
Educator turned Publisher Mom

Debby is a publisher mom powerhouse, developing six local sites in the Pittsburgh area. This go-getter isn’t shy about connecting with her community, and she’s often described as Pittsburgh’s Most In-The-Know Mom for all things family friendly.

Debby publishes in Pittsburgh, PA.
Visit her community here.

Meet Lindsay Flagan,
NASA Astronaut Trainer
turned Publisher Mom

Lindsay has been a publisher for 8 years and enjoys introducing other moms to the latest and greatest products. She is the local "go to" mom in her community, and says taking the initiative to start Macaroni Kid League City/Clear Lake was “one of the best decisions” of her life.

Lindsay publishes in League City, TX.
Visit her community here.